Folding Arm Awnings Technical Data

Fixing Methods
There are 3 main fitting arrangements, and all can be face fitted to a wall or top fixed to the underside of a soffit.

Square Bar
Several fixing points across the width of the awning with some flexibility in their positioning.

End Fix
Fixing points at each end of the awning.

Cassette Fix
Several fixing points across the width, at precise, factory selected positions.

The awning structure is powder coated and the sheets are treated to resist the sun’s rays, other atmospheric contents and the action of moulds, micro-organisms and saltness, and carry a 5 year warranty. However it is advisable, for neatness and added protection to provide a cover for the sheet when rolled up.

A power coated aluminium profile, with end closures to protect the awning sheet from rain and droppings and to provide a seal to the wall to prevent rain dripping down between the awning and the wall.

Top Cover
A folded “roof”, power coated galvanised steel, to protect the awning similiar to the weatherboard, used where mounting stools have been fitted to suit drain pipes, uneven walls or shutter boxes.

A powder coated casing around the roller with the arms folding underneath.

Full Cassette
The casing encloses the roller and arms completely.

Space Requirement
The housing size varies from model to model but is typically 270mm x 270mm. The minimum height requirement is 220mm for the COMBI / COMPACTA and ORLY models.

Sign Writing
Our in house facility can brand the awning sheet and / or valance with logos and customised art work.

Reinforced PVC or acryllic sheets with a 5 year warranty are available in a wide selection of plain colours, broad stripes and attractive multi stripes. Flame retardant materials can also be provided.

Automatic Controls
We offer customised control systems with the most common options being radio control, sun and wind sensors.

Manual Override
Electrically operated awnings can also have a manual gearbox to operate the awning in the event of power failure. Only available with uncassetted models and wall switch controls (not remote).

Frigerio Range Folding Arm Awnings


Model  Max Size  Type Comments
California 10 x 3 square bar
Universa 10 x 3.1 square bar cross over arms
Costa Rica 10 x 4.25 square bar
Mexico 10 x 3.1 square bar cross over arms, crank handle pitch
Brasil 5 x 2.45 square bar crank handle pitch
Univariant 7 x 3.1 square bar
Rio new 10 x 3.5 square bar front board with drainage channel
8000ee Combi 5 x 2.45 end fix
8000ee Combi plus 5 x 2.6 end fix
Samba New 5 x 2.5 end fix
America 6  x 3 square bar dog leg pitch
8000 Jumbo 11 x 5 square bar
8000 Jumbo bb 11 x 5 double bar
Elite 6 x 6.2 free standing


Model Max Size Type Comments
Olanda 6 x 3.5  end fix full cassette, larger models require centre Bkt
Piuma 6 x 3 square bar semi cassette, PVC cassette
Europa 7 x 3.1 square bar semi cassette
Cover 7 x 3.1 cassette fix full cassette
8000 oceania 5 x 2.4 end fix full cassette
8000 oceania plus 5 x 3.1 end fix full cassette
Malindi 6 x 2.5 end fix semi cassette
Orly 4.5 x 3 end fix full cassette
Compacta 4.75 x 2.25 end fix semi cassette
Caraibi 4.75 x 2.5 end fix full cassette