Repairs & Maintenance

All our products are designed to be dismantled into sub assemblies making repairs and maintenance easy and not costly. Most products have many moving parts and are subject to the elements and hence require periodic maintenance, to check and service these moving parts and also load bearing fixings into the clients walls. We have many products still operating normally after 10 plus years of service. When selecting motors for doors we design for a 33% safety margin which ensures that during normal operation the motor is working well within its
capacity, and this means motors can continue operating for many years.
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“Brights Chippy”

The motor was failing and the shutter was concealed within the fabric of the building. The signs (one new one and one fitted previously) were removed. The roller was taken down and the new motor was fitted and all items restored and commissioned without the client having to lose trading time.

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Steel Roller Shutter – Re Design

Existing large shutter was removed, steel sub frame was fitted. The shutter was cut down in size and refitted with an adjaccent steel personnel door. The remainder of the opening was filled with blue plastoral profiled cladding with translucent panels to provide natural light inside.

Shutter Repairs

Steel Rollar Shutter

Steel Rollar Shutter

Roller shutter removed, steel sub frame fitted, shutter fitted with steel personnel doorset