Choosing The Awning That Best Suits Your Needs

Why do you need an Awning? Attract attention Dutch Canopies  Folding Arm Drop Arm Advertise Sign Writing / graphics or logo can applied to any awning Protect Outdoor Displays Folding Arm Protect Interior Folding Arm Balcony Awning Drop Arm Outdoor Living Folding Arm Garden Shelter PVC Screens

Make Better Use Of That Outdoor Space

Or Awnings, Canopies, Umbrellas, and Gazebos…many ways to provide shelter outdoors! For those who enjoy living outdoors a wide range of products are available to enable outdoor spaces to be enjoyed all year round.These products have different levels of wind resistance and this should be considered when choosing which model to use and a general […]

Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Enjoy the benefits of Retractable Awnings and increase the useful space in  your property. Improvements in the manufacturing technology and design of awnings has enabled more and more businesses and homeowners to enjoy the benefits provided by fitting a retractable awning on their property. These days single units can provide a covered area up to 12 […]

Awning Operating Methods

1. Manual Operation The awning roller has a gearbox with a winding eye at one end and the awning opens and closes by inserting a “shepherds crook” winding handle in the eye and turning. The awning can be stopped at any intermediate position or at its maximum projection. The maximum projection is reached just before […]

Adgey Awning & Shutters Experience

Our staff have over 30 years experience in the design and implementation of industrial door projects for many major clients both locally and throughout Europe, and the knowledge gained during that time will help ensure that your requirements are met in an efficient and cost effective manner. Health & Safety We are fully conversant with the requirements of […]