Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Enjoy the benefits of Retractable Awnings and increase the useful space in  your property.

Improvements in the manufacturing technology and design of awnings has enabled more and more businesses and homeowners to enjoy the benefits provided by fitting a retractable awning on their property. These days single units can provide a covered area up to 12 m wide x 8 m projection.

Private Houses
Awnings can protect the inside of premises, domestic or commercial, from the effects of strong sun and also create a more pleasant ambience outdoors, protected from sun, rain and evening chill, enabling people to enjoy living “Al Fresco”.
An awningfitted outside a window will stop the suns rays outside, reducing fading of upholstry, keeping the internal temperature cooler, reduce the glare on TV screens and computer monitors, and make it a pleasure to rest or work beside a south facing window in mid-summer. A portable transmitter makes it easy to operate without leaving your armchair!
Also it will enable people to live outdoors, protected from the strong sun, shelter from occasional rain showers and delay the effects of the evening chill as the sun goes down.

Many shops need an awning in order to trade efficiently, protect leather goods and clothes from fading, keep meat fresh in a counter display, preserve cream buns and cakes and other perishable items.

An awning is also an eye catching, cost effective sign, available in many plain colours, stripes and patterned fabrics with the option of printing a logo or sales message on the awning sheet , valence or both.

Extra space is created outside the shop for the protected display of the goods for sale.

Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Hotels
These all benefit from the added space created and also enabling customers to choose to eat inside (even at a window table) or outdoors, and also enhance the appearance of the building by the clever choice of colours and the use of an attractive logo.

Schools & Play Groups
Playing outside is an important part of modern school curriculae and awnings or garden shelters enable quite large areas to be converted into a healthy fresh air play area.

Cost Effective
Being retractable means planning permission is not required in many areas, and also the fact that awnings do not have to stay out in adverse weather conditions makes it an economically attractive solution, with an anticipated life span of fifteen plus years.


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