Special Structures Technical Data

Car Ports
Verandalux car ports provide flexible solutions to create a protected area beside the house, and with “3000 Zip” or “Orizonte” closures can become an extra “room”.

Free Standing Awnings
The “AAS  Elite” systems enables retractable  awnings to provide cover for areas up to 10 m x 7m without the need for any wall supports. The steel support work can also be clad in wood in keeping with the surrounding area when necessary.

Stools & Cantilever Brackets
We have designed a wide range of steel support stools and  brackets, all galvanised and powder coated,In order to enable us to accommodate drain pipes and other obstructions when fitting our products. Also cantilever brackets enable is to gain height and fit awnings or garden shelters on single storey buildings where the eaves are too low to permit normal fitting methods.

Polycarbonate Infills
In order to offer a complete product we frequently fit made to measure infills, in a variety of materials, but mostly polycarbonate in order to let light in, in order to include irregularly shaped areas adjoining our main product in the overall design and thus uncrease the benefits to the user.

Structural Steel Supports
These clients wanted walkway but were not allowed support posts on the pavement so we provided additional steelwork behind the glazed curtain walling, fitted an external  steel subframe and set the walkway onto this, satisfying the customers requirements.

Awnings For Irregular Shapes
This client wanted a patio awning but the rear of the house had a bay window. After discussions on site the client opted to have a full width awning, with an extended steel support bracket at one side, a polycarbonate infill over the gap beside the bay window and a top cover on the awning to ensure all rainwater ran into the gutters. The client could then come out from his side door and go and sit under the awning protected from rain the whole route.