Security Shutters Technical Data


Aluminium Rolling Shutters                                                                                              For Garage Doors Click Here

Model Skin Comments
210 50mm Single skin Solid aluminium lath
211 50mm Single skin Solid aluminium lath with punched grille
232 40mm Double skin Insulated lath
233 40mm Double skin Extruded lath
281 90mm Flat lath Punched grille
283 90mm Flat lath Punched grille with polycarbonate infill
261 Portcullis Tube & link curtain
235 Lintol Allowing shutters to be contained within wall construction

Steel Rolling Shutters

Model Skin Comments
101 75mm Traditional lath Self coiling shutters
102 75mm Traditional lath Electrically operated

Polycarbonate Shutters

Model Comments
240 See through polycarbonate panels

 Sliding Grilles

Model Comments
217 Trellis grilles with top and bottom tracks
2525 “Dynamic” top hung folding grilles

Which Model?
Each application should be considered on its own merits, and we are happy to assess sites and advise, but here are some general guide rules .

The most secure are Models: 101, 102, 240 and 217

Apart from the appearance of the shutter the key secret is to plan for the incorporation of shutters at an early stage and “hide“ the shutter support steel work within the building façade. For retro – fit jobs powder coating the steelwork and disguising the shutter box are options.

Models:  240,2525, 217,261 283, 282 and 211 are the best whilst
Model: 102 with perforated lath gives good vision when backlit.

Side & head room
Models 217 & 2525 only need 50 mm headroom but need space at one or both sides to stack when open. All shutters need  50-100 mm side room at each side and 255 -400 headroom for normal height shutters.

Operation Shutters
Most shutters can be operated manually, spring assisted, or electrically, with a whole range of control options, selector switch, key switch, remote control, timer control, being the most popular.

All electrically operated shutters will have a manual override system for emergency use and also a safety brake if the shutter is over a doorway.

Sliding Grilles
All are manually operated by pulling across.

All products can be provided with metallic components polyester powder coated finish