PVC Doors Technical Data

Locations where they are fitted are also varied:

Reduce the energy costs of keeping a production area warm keep critical areas clean

Cold Stores
Reduce the loss of cold air when loading / unloading cold stores

Provide a barrier between public and storage areas keep refrigerated cabinets cold

Enable pupils to play outdoors all year round

Reduce heat loss

Gardens & Patios
Reduce draughts when sitting outdoors

Hotels & Restaurants

Garden Centres
Protection for half hardy plants


PVC Strip Curtains
Fixed or sliding curtains comprising strips of PVC,each 200/300/400 mm
Wide x 2 /3 /4 mm thick top hung with either single or double overlap.
These can cover large areas and permit pedestrians , pallet trucks or fork lift trucks to pass through.

Polar Grade PVC
Special strips are available to be used in deep freeze areas.

PVC Swings Doors
Made to measure swing doors either with all clear PVC panels or with the lower part in opaque reinforced PVC or rubber.

High Speed Doors PVC
Sheeted doors which fold or roll upwards very quickly using sensors or automatic controls allow doors to open as a truck approaches and quickly close afterwards. These are essential in heated or clean area factories where vehicles are frequently passing through doorways, either internal or external.

PVC Roll Down Closures
“3000 Zip” and “ Orizonte “ both have PVC Sheets which roll up and down, either manually operated using a winding handle or electrically operated, with the option of vision panels and these are very useful to reduce draughts in garden shelters, car ports and gazebos. Maximum size in a single unit 5 m wide x 3 m high available in a range of colours.

PVC Sliding Screens
These top hung sliding screens are a cost effective way to close off even large areas, available in a range of colours with the option of having vision panels. Elasticated toggles are used to secure as necessary.

Polycarbonate Infils
When trying to protect an irregular shaped area we can fit fixed or hinged polycarbonate panels to ensure an area is totally sealed.