Industrial Doors Technical Data

Fire Doors, Shutters & Smoke Curtains

Fire Doors
Steel hinged, single or double, or sliding doorsets are available up to 4 hours rated, either to suit standard preferred sizes or made to measure. Accessories include mortice sashlocks, panic bars & latches, with or without external opening devices, overhead closers, louvred panels, vision panels, thermal insulation, acoustic rating, and powder coated finishes.

Fire Shutters
Again available up to 4 hours rating either manual or electrical operation. These can
also fulfil the additional role of being security shutters. There are several common ways or ensuring
automatic closing of a fire shutter.

Manual Shutter with Fusible Link
When a fire reaches the shutter the link melts and the shutter closes under gravity.If the shutter is over a doorway it must close with controlled descent, and this can be provided mechanically or more frequently by using an electrically operated shutter. Because these shutters are balanced to close when released, they are not normally suitable for daily manual operation. Fusible links can also be provided which break on receipt of an alarm signal causing the shutter to close as soon as a fire is detected.

Electrically Operated
Fire shutters can close on receipt of an alarm signal, or by using local smoke or heat detectors . Normally these shutters open and close electrically and fail safe closing can be ensured by providing a maintained power supply or by using a battery back up. Medium sized shutters can be fitted with an internal tubular single phase motor whilst larger shutters require an externally mounted motor.

Means Of Escape
When a shutter is fitted over a means of escape then the shutter closing must be delayed to allow people to evacuate and this can be done using time delay relays and can be done in one or two stages. Two stage closing allows the shutter to descend to head height, preventing the passage of smoke at high level but allowing people to pass under the shutter. After a predetermined delay to allow the area to clear then the shutter closes fully.

Smoke & Fire Curtains
Their design and operating methods are similar to those of fire shutters but the curtains cannot fulfil the dual role of also providing security.