Garden Shelters Technical Data

There are 6 different models of garden shelter which can be used to cover large areas up to 12m x 8m projection using coupled units.

Giardino Mini
Manually operated, upto 4m x 4m.

Manually operated, upto 6m x 6m.

Giardino 94
Manually operated, upto 6m x 6m in a single unit or 12m x 6m with a coupled unit using a single sheet. This model can also accommadate side sheets slide into a groove in the aluminum profile.

Electrically operated with a sheet tensioning system, upto 10.8m x 7m projection.

San Remo
Electrically operated using a tensioned PVC sheet with side and front gutter channels, upto 5m x 8m projection in a single unit or upto 12m x 8m with a single sheet in coupled units. It can also have a decorative undersheet fitted.

Rain Cover
Manually or electrically operated with aluminum veins which tilt to control the elements up to 5m x 5m projection in a single unit.

Silent Flap
Similiar to the Rain Cover with an aerofoil shaped vein built in 2.5m modules and upto 4m projection. Totally weatherproof.