Awnings Technical Data

Wind Resistance options with awnings
For those who enjoy living outdoors a wide range of products exist to enable outdoor spaces to be enjoyed all year round. These products have
different levels of wind resistance and this should be considered when
choosing which model to use and a general indication is noted under each
title. Currently these products are used equally for domestic use or in
hospitality applications such as Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs & Cafes.

Dutch Canopies & Drop Arm Awnings (all weather & strong winds)
Offering protection from rain & sun for relatively small areas, enough to protect the BBQ (and the chef!), or to protect an entrance area.

Folding Arm Awnings (medium winds)
For larger areas enabling families to eat and socialize “al fresco”

Umbrellas (Strong winds)
Heavy duty umbrellas provide free standing protection

Gazebos (all weather)
Free standing structures

Garden Shelters (all weather)
Framed awnings suitable to cover large areas

”Zip” Closures & PVC Screens (strong winds)
Can be fitted on their own, for example on balconies or in conjunction with garden shutters to create a totally enclosed area.

Car Ports & Polycarbonate Roofs (all weather)
Permanent structure providing a dry area for dog runs, car maintenance or outdoor living.

Table Screens
Portable or fixed “wind breaks” using acrylic cloths, or aluminum and glass panels can create a cosy protected corner.

Tensile membranes   (all weather)
Stretched “sails” suitable for large irregular shaped areas.

Gas or infra red electrical heaters can be fitted with the above to provide warmth on cooler day.